Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dance T's and Jim Morrison

So we did it, Rolland and I. We finally made a bunch of Ballerina tee's, and my Jim Morrison. I still cannot believe all the work and steps that go into this. It was fun, because Rolland had me drawing and sketching soooo many ballerina's. He was pulling them off the internet and saying, "I am the art director, you the artist..... now draw this." If he didn't approve, he had me do it again till it was the style we were going for. I loved that, it got hard drawing over and over though. Well, he managed to photoshop and organize all of the images that we thought people would buy. Sorry for those whom have seen my instagram, these are repeats. I am selling the dancing tee's at Dance Works, and my Jim Morrison ones are for special requests. 
Every Tee is handmade, hand drawn, glittered (except for the Jim Morrison's) and all are different then the other.

By Dallas Berry

This one is on the back of one my new favorite hoodies. I where this hoodie everywhere now.

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