Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Addition.....

I found these amazing photos of Beetlejuice.... totally rekindled my memories as a child. I know I have mentioned this in former blog posts, but I don't care. At the age of 3, yes 3.... I had a fixation on Beetlejuice. I have no idea what it was about. But it worried my mom, just a little. She would ask, "me what do you want to watch today??" I would reply, "BEETLEJUICE, Beetlejuice, BEetLEJuice!"" I would want to play the sound track allll the time too on my dads sound system. He would then limit it to only Halloween time. Every Halloween time I would say, "Dad, can we???!" And I would listen 
"DAY-OOO" and "Jump in the Line" and mimic Winona at the end of the movie. As you can see Tim Burton has inspired me since a wee littlin'. 
I get to go home soon. Can I be honest, and just say I am struggling in LA for the moment being?? Rolland says I need my Utah/Nature battery charged up again. I really miss my traditions and things I would do this time of year. I miss my dear crazy family and their love/passion for this time of the year. I really really need nature in my life, it's like a drug. I have been spending a lot time in Pasadena, I want to live there in the future. It feels like home, and it such a stimulating place.
 I can't wait for Halloween!  My mutter and sister are putting on a BIG Halloween party, and my mom tells me all about what she's baking for it, and all of that sort of goodness. I can't wait to go home and listen to vinyl's with my dad. Go for hikes, smell the rotten leaves, and forget the world for a moment. Rolland is going to be in China for waaaaaay waaaaaaay way too long, I am sad about this, but I am grateful that I can visit my family while he is away. One more week of hell in the showroom and then I'm off to Utah! Utah, I miss you... and cannot wait to breathe you in.

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  1. We are very excited about your arrival over here;)