Monday, October 1, 2012


It's been a fun week. A lot has happened. Last night we went to Art Event that Rolland was featured in. It was a lot of fun. Rolland's best friends came, Mazik and Bobak.... a great interesting combo of a Model, Musician/Music Video Director, and of course Rolland the Artist/Designer.  What fun we had, seriously too much fun. Rolland designed a cast for a breast cancer foundation that was being auctioned off. So we got to be apart of the art exhibit. It brought all of us together.
I was able to work at the Fred Segal Sale, and it has been a blast. I have met some rad pepes, saw one of my biggest inspirations: Deepok Chopra. Working at Fred Segal is socially a blast, the people are way too cool. Also the deals are even better. 
Rolland and I went to a Flee Market which was interesting, I got a lot of inspiration. That's why Rolland goes, he finds old comic books, vintage clothes with prints or points of inspiration that direct him in his art and clothing designs. It was way cool cause I ran into a guy who owns a "fake" tatoo company. He asked me if I had a tatoo, I said oh heavens no, too big of a commitment. And he agreed, then he asked me if I was an artist, I said yes-- and he asked to see my work. I showed him my Bowie painting and other muscian  paintings, he flipped and wanted to know if we could they could use my drawings for fake tatoo's. I have always secretly wanted a tatoo, but due to my beliefs and commitment issues I would never do it, but if I did- I would want my Bowie drawing for one of my tatoo's. So we shall see if that goes some where. I have been painting lately, nothing like Rolland's stuff. But I have my own style and preferences. I am definitely more abstract than he. Below are some pics.
Last but not least, Rolland finished a big painting of Alecia Keys and Rick Ross requested by Reebok for a display. Reebok flipped out and loved what he came up with. I am so happy for him. So here's to the crazy life of being married to an amazing lover and Artist.

Two really LARGE paintings. It's so nice to have the space and freedom to get paint anywhere I please.

Below is the process of the Reebok commission.

Rolland has to tag mattress's these days. I just don't understand.

Rolland dealing at the flee market. I get to sneak pics of him.... barely.

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  1. Very very cooooollll you artist you. When are you coming????