Sunday, September 23, 2012

Artist of the Moment: Jean Michel-Basquiat

I just recently watched a film called "Basquiat" with some of my favorite pepes in it. Gary Oldman, David Bowie, and even Vincent Gallo was in it. The movie is based on one of, in my opinion, the greatest artist of our time. Rolland suggested we watch it. I was so glad he did, I am SOOO inspired. I love it when you find a aritist or meet someone whom you can relate to or someone whom subconsciously gives you permission to create the way your heart longs to create. Basquiat did that for me. I have been in such a rut, concerning over thinking art; structured and non structured. I have been over thinking it a lot lately. I shouldn't have to, I just want to create from my heart and let it be. Basquiat   encompasses that for me. Also rolland designed a shoe for Reebok that is my all time fav shoe of his. I didn't know who the artist was of whom he collaborated with on the shoe. Sadly, Basquiat died in the 80's. But Rolland captured his legacy, and it won best sneaker in 2007. Also Basquiat father said that Rolland Berry has been the only one who has ever captured his sons essence with the shoe collaboration-- lots of designers have been creating many Basquiat sneaker colabs over the years. I love Basquiats effortless touch and approach. You can feel Basquiats soul expressed in all of his paintings, crazy lines, grafiti, words, figures; they are all so perfectly composed in each painting.

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