Friday, September 21, 2012


Today was sorta fun. I had a photo shoot with the newly award winning Photographer who created the "Street Geist" fashion blog that I once upon a time was featured in. She is from Greece and just won best Fashion Blog for LA Weekly. She is one of the most down to earth people, so sweet and very unique. We walked around places near Rolland's Studio to take pics. I would dress up in Rolland's recently designed items. My fav outfit was the multi colored camo. (OBSESSED WITH CAMO THESE DAYS) She took the pics below with my iPhone so they are craptastic. I do love her camera, one of the old school cameras that I have no idea what it's called-- it just looks legit. We shared creative ideas, talked religion, showed each other blogs and so on. It' s nice to have a Greek Friend.

Rolland painted this week too, so amazing. I need to paint but I'm bored with my style.... so who knows what will happen with me and art next. We went to a art show last night, I love doing that. But honestly it's rare when I see something as cool as Rolland's stuff. Still fun to do. Right now I'm making berry crisp. I love Crisp's in the fall time! Apple crisp is next!

I am so happy right now! I get to work at Fred Segal next week! Rolland is best friends with one of the Fred Segal owners (who happened to be at our little wedding and is one of the coolest guys I know) is letting me work at the Big Sale coming up. So if they like me and need me, it could be a possibility. I am not a big fan of my job right now, I don't like office work at all. I'm hoping I will like Fred Segal a whole lot more-- I would rather work with those clothes then the ones I work with at the moment. Ick I don't like the clothes I represent at all. I want to hang and be at Fred Segals allll day... who wouldn't??
Wish me luck!


Love the classic pic of eyes closed. I look so serious.

Montana Spray paints for the paintings below.

Art shows.

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  1. I admire your "out of the box" look and sound very happy. Tell me what the bright color fabric you used on your camouflage jacket?