Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Visual Story

If you know me at all, then you are aware that I love anything that makes me feel cozy, warm, a slight chill to the bone (or heart) is what I live for. I wake up every morning to clear skies.... and it drives me insane (being a little dramatic, but still). I want clouds! The only downfall to living in LA (other then the traffic) is that we do not get to expirience fall here. I must endure. haha. 
I was looking through my tumblr, which I am obsessed with, and found some pictures that I felt were fitting for my mood today. They tell the story..... read below the pics:

I LOVE walking through graveyards. I must do it soon.

I'm so ready for another Dracula book.... but where can I find a new one??

Must watch Sleepy Hallow. Add to Fall festive film list.

I listen to Stevie all year round. But she is especially fitting for this time of the year. Certain songs of hers bring up happy memories of past fall seasons.

Love me some skellies, and Moon Crescents.

Love these classic tales. Dracula & Nosferatu.

I feel like this girl above where ever I go, I keep finding and learning interesting things in my new surroundings.

I must admit every day I secretly hope and wish I will run into this man. I know he lives downtown LA, luckily I work in downtown. Dear Vincent Gallo, let's do cross paths.


  1. this is why we are friends! i love every picture and always thought i was weird for liking such dark things like graveyards. skeleton. and creepy tim burton films