Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back Home

It's so amazing to be back with my husband. I can't even tell you. I thought it was going to be so hard leaving home, family, and friends.... especially my comfort zone, a place where I am known and also thrive. But I know my choice was right when I married Rolland and chose to live in LA. To be honest there's a nostalgia about creating yourself in a new place/environment. I made a new friend at the Magic Tradeshow in Vegas, who could be one of the coolest girls.... she knew who Minor Threat is, and she is a hardcore fan of Winona Ryder.... that's enough for me. The friend department will blossom over time. I only want Rolland in my life anyway. 
I got the job where I was interning, so that's good news. Not the best pay in the beginning but at least it's better then nothing.
 I can't tell you how ready I am for fall. My goal here is to create new traditions, expeiriences, memories, warm fuzzy feelings here in LA with Rolland. I created some amazing fall memories/traditions in Utah that can never be replaced.... but doesn't mean I can create some more here. Rolland replaces my family on so many levels... I feel so lucky to have him. Never a dull moment. Rolland and worked together yesterday. I was helping him label and price his 2013 spring line-- which is AMAZING! Then I was sooooo incredibly excited that one of my best friends came. Steph and Chris brought little Amelia and we all had dinner downtown LA at the top of JW Marriot building-- pure magic. It was truly a memorable night. I bought baby white onsies so Rolland could put a graphic on it. I watched him pick images that would fit a baby let alone the baby onsies. Silkscreening is such a detailed process I was so grateful Rolland took the time to do that for me. He was apprehensive with me showing these pics in case someone would see and want him to do more. So this is a rarity him doing this. 
Well I start my now paying job today.... and it is cloudy!! I am soooo happy about this! Below is a pic of my parents backyard with a rainstorm coming in, and a dash of fuschia pink. This moment could never be captured again. Glad I did.


  1. i am so sad i didn't get to see you when you were here - totally all my fault. sorry girl. midway is so gorgeous, i love it there.

  2. I'm back home!!! Love this post, and my onesises, and you and rolland, and LA. I will post some of our pics soon:) great pic of Utah by the way. xoxoxo