Monday, August 13, 2012

As Time Goes By.

Here are some of my thoughts:
I had one of the most funkified weeks of my life last week, where I felt just off, sad, stuck, lost, lonely for friends, annoyed. Why??? I have no clue!! But I am back to myself these days and I couldn't be more happy. I was feeling sad that I don't have friends I would actually care to spend time with yet. Everyone is so cool here, but have I really cared for someone's friendship and time.... no. I am very particular with friends, they really have to do it for me or I would just rather be alone. So my dear friends, you know who you are. I miss and love you. I wasn't liking my internship at all during that awful week either. Due to calling like 400 people a day asking if they are going to the Magic Trade show in Vegas next week. I was going to go CRAZY. But that ended and I have been in training to sell one of the brands they carry. Today I sold the line to someone from Colorado-- and it was totally up my alley. Working for my mom's business totally prepped me for this kind of job. We dealt with a lot of Reps.... pretty much what I am in training for. And I'll tell you what, I got her to buy A LOT of stuff. I am pretty excited, my internship and I with my lovah, are all going down to Vegas to one of the biggest fashion trade shows this sunday. I remember back when Rolland and I were dating, he would talk about it, I was always so jealous- I always wanted to go. Now I get to! 
Also I am getting the wants for an entirely new wardrobe. SOOOO tired of everything I own, that is except for a couple of items- especially my patched denim jacket that I finished for now (pic below). I want a whole new image or something. I feel like I can finally obtain my own personal style down here due to the great amounts of access to what I really would LOVE to actually wear.
I am soooo incredibly excited for fall, and I cannot wait to wear my doc marten boots again. I need them, I crave them.... and I need to add another style to my ever growing collection. Right after the Vegas show, I fly over to my families lovely home in the land of heavenly Midway. I cannot wait to see them. But I must be honest... I love LA so much, I don't think I could ever really desire to live back in Utah again. At least not anytime soon. I feel like LA is my world right now and I am embracing it. 
Rolland's been getting so many offers to design sneakers again! This would be amazing, this is where he is most needed. But let's hope these people whom are asking him aren't just talkers.  Well those are my thoughts for now. Cheeerrreeeeooooooo.

I will add more patches over time.

Rollands t-shirt that I am obsessed with. Sorry for those whom have seen it on instagram-- but it literally is whacko cracko. 

Rolland touching up one of his paintings on Melrose St.

Me gessoing a LARGE canvas for Rolland so he can do paintings of our fav. singers for the American Rag store. This is a big deal. haha.


  1. I miss you!!!! It's just Amelia and I these days- all day everyday. ps: funkified weeks are basically MADE for the purpose of you calling me.

  2. you look so cute in that picture. i am sorry you felt lonely and i have been a bad friend and not been there for you. i'm gld you are feeling better though and i don't know if i get to see you when you are up here, i know you will be busy, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you