Sunday, November 4, 2012

Creations of ROLLAND BERRY

It's time for a Rolland Berry update. I found these pictures of one of his art galleries the summer right after we broke up last year. The brand Diesel hosted it, and I must admit.... my husband is legit. The art gallery is the coolest I have ever seen. My husband and I have been to some art shows in L.A. since we have been married, and they all leave us flat. Rolland blows them all out of the water. Just last summer after we broke up, he taught himself how to spray paint. He came up with a lot of legendary paintings of Jimi Hendrix, female faces, Alicia Keys, Rick Ross, and he is going to attempt a David Bowie, Bob Marly and others in the near future. Still to this day, no one has ever fascinated me with their designs and concepts.... of course maybe Alexander McQueen and 2 others. But Rolland is one of a kind, and I can't believe I am married to him! Most of you know already that one of the cute boyband singers on X Factor was wearing one of his tanks, but I am going to share it again. The skulls at the bottom are his most recent paintings, he just keeps getting better and better. He is gonna wheat paste those bad boys as soon as he can.
This jacket on top.... can I just say I WANT IT!! Just found a pic of it. Again I am always stimulated on every level with this man.

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