Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obsession of the Moment: Fran the Nanny

So lately, I have had toooo much time on my hands. Thus the t.v. topic for this blog post. I usually cannot do T.V. but to distract me from missing my husband and wanting to be where he is, I have reverted to T.V. distractions. I have always known that Rosanne, Full House, Gossip Girl, and of course The Nanny have been my top pics. I try to avoid getting into too many t.v. shows cause sometimes I get too into them, I don't like that. But my latest obsession is The Nanny. Despite her bizarre voice I STILL love her!! Every outfit she wears always makes me smile, or to be honest...... I sometimes would consider her tailored outfits for my body type. I love bold pieces. Her outfits are much too loud but I do appreciate them for what they are worth. Let's admit it, some of her outfits are just terrible, but I still smile and am fascinated with what she comes up with. I lover her big hair, and how she has mastered fitting that beautiful body of hers. Most of you know I have a love for the nineties and she fits the time period to a T. I need to own The Nanny on dvds cause the show makes me happy. I love colorful personalities who don't give a whoot what others think, and thats definitely Fran in The Nanny. There's my odd confession for the month. 
Obviously I am loving older t.v. shows these days.... Bring them BACK!

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