Tuesday, January 1, 2013

9 Days of Heaven.....

9 Days ago we arrived at 4:30 AM on monday morning to the most beautiful scene, my parents home in the most ideal Christmas eve EARLY morn. My mom had her darling vintage snowmen, and Santa lit up in front of their home and I was gitty with glee. Rolland of course was exhausted. We sat in traffic for 3 hours between L.A. and Las Vegas on top of a 12 hour drive. But little did we know how worth the drive it all was. Christmas Eve was magical. We saw a movie then went to Ruth Chris for dinner, came home and wrapped presents. Christmas morning was perfect. I can't tell you enough how much I LOVED my 1rst Christmas being married to Rolland. He adds the most magical/nostalgic energy to my life. He got me a new band addition for my wedding ring. It's a band with black gold set with black diamonds. I WAS SOOOO HAPPY. Black gold is white gold oxidized, and black diamonds are a rare precocious stone. The ruby/sapphire and the black diamond combo is pure eye candy for me. It glistens like glitter.  It was the most perfect day. Rolland was amazing and so sweet with my family. We were both so tired still and wanted to go back to bed, but we couldn't resist a gourmet breakfast at my sisters home. Later on we had a lovely Christmas dinner with the whole gang and my grandparents.

Of course my family had some plans later after Christmas to head up to Salt Lake...... we went to Temple Square the Joseph Smith Film, dinner, The Grande America. Rolland suggested we should go to Sundance for our so called News Years dinner, since he had to head back to Cali to work and eventually go to Japan/China. Sundance was lovely and magical..... we dressed up for eachother and felt so snazzy. 

Last night on New Years Eve, I had to drop him off, so hard to do. It was the most perfect 9 days of my life. Rolland was soooooo much fun with my family, we Rhinoed (4wheeling), went shooting, went sledding, watched too many looooong movies (way movied out). I'm so sad he is gone now.
I got to spend News Years Eve with some of my favorite people. Marin and Jack, Mardi and Joel. Funniest coolest people. They definitely distracted the ache that surfaced having dropped Rolland at the Airport. I'm sooo happy to be here in Midway for the time being. It truly makes me happy here. 

Rolland got me a new funny journal last night from The Grand America Hotel Toy Store. I finally opened it and it is so darling and creative. I tell journals my secrets/desires/dreams/hopes/passions. I love starting with new fresh ones. How perfect to start the new year with a new funky journal!
Start writing people!! It sooo helps!


Martinellis Peach-Apple Juice is my new fav. Thank you Marin for my Rose Lemonade!

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