Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Musicians Look Just Like Their Music

I dont know to really put this, but I was looking and listening to Thom Yorke today. And all a sudden I thought was, "Wow, Thom really visually looks like his crazy, psychedelic music". And then I started thinking about all my other favorite muscians who resemble the notes, and melodic melodies they create. Of course any creation that we create reflects us as individuals in one way or the other. But then again their are just some people who look like their notes and tunes just like their are people who look like their dogs or even cars. These below are some genius artists who create exactly what they appear to be.

Thom Yorke

Willie Nelson

Stevie Nicks

Maja Ivarsson

Kurt Cobain

David Bowie

Bruce Springsteen



  1. So true!! It's funny how that works out.

  2. that is awesome. and very true, i wonder what my music would sound like... wuss rock?