Monday, January 28, 2013

Making LOVE Cookies

We made LOVE cookies. It was sooo much fun. They taste like granny cookies minus the chemical flavor. I am still learning how to cook with my mom, cause I think she is the best. I decided to be by her side with this experience. 
My mom and my aunt Laurie were talking about how they remembered their Grandma Warburton's Valentine cookies, and how tacky fun they were. They were decadent and hand cut heart cookies that were always a little off shaped. My mom and I were inspired and decided we wanted to make gaudy Valentine cookies in memory of Grandma Warburton. I remember when I was a littlin',  my mom and I made a Valentine box with all of these different textures, colors, and materials. I felt so proud of that Valentine box when I took it to school. These cookies reminded me of the nostalgia of that Valentine box. As I finished up with my funky cookies, my mom kept telling me how "Baroque" they all look. I then decided they are my "Rococo-Baroque-esque" It was sooo much fun to decorate. We had eatable glitter dust, pearlesque sixlets, chewy hearts/lips, conversation hearts, sprinkles, shiny baby hearts, so many fun decorations. 

My moms above, mine are below.

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